The 2017 'Take Our Kids to Work Day' program will take place on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. 

Take Our Kids to Work is a national program of The Learning Partnership and has existed since 1994.  Annually, more than 200,000 grade nine students and over 75,000 businesses and organizations nation wide participate in Take Our Kids to Work day. 

The Take Our Kids to Work program illustrates the importance of education, skills development and training while giving students the opportunity to experience the world of work and the variety of career opportunities that await them.

The Take Our Kids to Work program enables the entire community - parents, teachers and workplaces - to play an important role.


All new jobs have health and safety training as an essential component. Performing work safely is key.  At McMaster, we are committed to providing health and safety working and learning environments.  As part of this commitment, this year we have initiated the requirement for all student participants enrolled in the Take Our Kids to Work Day progarm to complete the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety worker orientation training.  This training, initiated in July 2014, was implemented in order to minimize  injuries especially those of workers who have just started work and in some cases their very first job. 

After students take the training, they can print a certificate that can be added to their resume.  This training is a great start for those who will be looking for after school jobs or summer employment.  New employees will be required to take this training as part of  their first paid job, so why not show employers you are also interested in performing your work safely.   Some student participants in Take Our Kids to Work Day may in fact already have fulfilled this requirement.

The certificate will be required to be submitted with the registration form to fulfill the successful completion of the registration process


Please note that registration for this event is now full.


Take Our Kids to Work


For more information, please email Kyle Armstrong at or call ext. 24460.



If you require this information in an alternate/accessible format, please contact the Program Coordinator at ext. 24460.