Total Compensation Sub-Committee


The Sub-Committee is led and driven by TMG. Facilitation and support are provided by Human Resources.


Our principles and values are guided by our Terms of Reference.


    Members of TMG are vital in their support of the University and play critical roles throughout McMaster's academic, administrative and research areas. The design of the Total Compensation program needs to ensure the continued ability to attract, develop, engage and retain high calibre leaders vital to the University's ability to achieve its mission. Towards this end, the University has committed to revitalise the TMG Total Compensation program. Through the process of internal and external review, exploring how members of TMG are currently compensated, and reviewing best practices, the goal is to revise the program to ensure it is contemporary in design, is sensitive to the needs of members of TMG and the University, appropriately rewards members of TMG, and strengthens our ability to attract, develop, engage and retain high calibre leaders that are critical to the University's continued success and will strengthen McMaster's reputation as both a premier educational institution and a key employer in Hamilton.

Areas of Focus

  • The TMG Total Compensation Sub-Committee will provide a forum for consultation on compensation issues that relate to TMG. In partnership with Human Resources, the TMG Total Compensation Sub-Committee will review, discuss and explore options for enhancing and revitalising the TMG Total Compensation Program. The Sub-Committee will provide objective and impartial evaluation of the Total Compensation Program for TMG, prioritize and research these items, explore best practice, and recommend changes in design. Recommendations will be developed in consideration of existing legislation and financial realities of the University.
  • Areas for discussion include all aspects of the Total Compensation Program for TMG including the compensation philosophy, program and policies, the job evaluation program, benefit programs, retirement income programs (pensions and group RRSP), communications, salary administration practices, flexible work arrangements, quality of work life, and the ideal alignment of Total Compensation Program provisions relative to role. Recommendations for change will be considered in the context of the themes identified in the feedback from the focus groups. The six broad themes are:
    • 1. Education
    • 2. Recognition
    • 3. Flexibility
    • 4. Pay
    • 5. Benefits
    • 6. Future


Total Compensation Systems Review | September, 2014

Our new Total Compensation Sub-Committee initiated meetings in August 2014.  Sub-Committee members recently attended a Total Compensation Systems Review with Dr. Naresh Agarwal from DeGroote School of Business to better understand global best practices and trends, as well as an orientation on University compensation and benefits programming.  We will continue to build on this information as we work on recommendations supporting our Compensation related activities. 

Benefit provisions for Unifor, TMG and MUFA employees | February, 2014

Based on the feedback received in our TMG Focus Groups, we are sharing the documents listed below which provide an overview of Benefits and Pension comparisons across employee groups, as well as a summarized Total Rewards Inventory for TMG review.

Benefit Comparison PDF 

Pension Comparison PDF 

Total Rewards Inventory PDF 

TMG compensation focus groups | January, 2014

We had participation from about 50 members of TMG over four sessions. The items that were most frequently mentioned will be the focus of our discussions within the Sub-Committee this year. We hope that the feedback we received will stimulate progress towards a comprehensive compensation framework in the months and years ahead.

Results Summary PDF 









Kevin Beatty
Director, Housing & Conference Services
Extension: 24036
Susan Birnie (Co-chair)
Director, Education Services
Extension: 22506
Amber Bukata (Co-chair) 
Manager, Staffing Administration, Engineering
Extension: 26134
Rebecca Cardwell
HR Coordinator, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Extension: 76249
Jeff Chuchman
Associate Director, Advancement Services, University Advancement
Extension: 21869
Dejana Corovic (HR)
HR Strategy Analyst, HRS
Extension: 24607
Melanie Garaffa (HR)
Senior Manager, Organizational Development
Extension: 28660
Marvin Gunderman
Manager, Technical Services, Biology
Extension: 23556
Nancy Vukelich (HR)
Sr. Manager, HR Strategy, Planning & Policy
Extension: 24048
Debbie Marinoff-Shupe 
Manager, Recreation Services, Athletics & Recreations
Extension: 24640
Wanda McKenna (HR)
AVP and Chief Human Resources Officer
Extension: 24855
Sinisa Medic
Reporting and Control Specialist, Human Resources Services
Extension: 23234
Diana Moscu
Health Physicist, Health Physics
Extension: 23365
Diana Parker
Project Manager, Vice-President (Administration)
Extension: 24330
Phil Poelmans
Director, Media Production Services
Extension: 24892
Debbie Sabatino
Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk, Office of Audit & Risk Services
Extension: 23554

Job Evaluation Review Working Group

HR Partners: Dejana Corovic & Nancy Vukelich

Susan Birnie
Marcia MacAulay
Debbie Marinoff Shupe
Sue Murray
Lorrie Reurink
Gina Robinson
Debbie Sabatino
Ranil Sonnadara 


Total Compensation

Total Compensation Sub-Committee will provide a forum for consultation on compensation issues that relate to TMG through objective and impartial evaluation of the Total Compensation Program for TMG, prioritizing and researching these items, exploring best practice, and recommending changes in design.  

Communications and Development 

Communications and Development Sub-Committee will provide a forum for consultation and innovative design on talent management and leadership development practices and programming that will directly relate to TMG, and will also positively impact and influence our broader leadership community at the University.




If you have an accommodation need for a planned meeting, please e-mail to make appropriate arrangements.