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Homewood Health provides a monthly newsletter called Life Lines. The newsletter is intended to provide employees and their family members with useful wellness information and tips. The most recent issues are available below. Many of these topics can also be accessed on Homeweb.


Current Issue


April (2019) Issue:  'Creating a Healthy Workplace'

A healthy work environment and culture is crucial to the success of both the organization and its employees. A healthy workplace weighs the merits of a range of considerations including mental and emotional qualities as well as safe and nurturing environments for all employee types. This article looks at several aspects of how, we as employees can contribute to the creation of a healthy work environment.



Previous Issues


March (2019) Issue:  'Women's Mental Health'

This month, we take a more in-depth look at women's mental health, to discover their unique health-care needs and find out how we can better support women who are struggling with mental health challenges.





February (2019) Issue:  'How to Support Children Who Identify as LGBTQ2+'

This newsletter explores what happens when your child begins to wonder about their sexuality or gender identity. It covers information to consider and how you can best support your child if they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-variant, or if they just have questions.





January (2019) Issue:  'How to Combat your Post Holiday Depression'

This newsletter focuses on how to combat your post holiday depression when the next celebration isn’t just around the corner.




December (2018) Issue:  'Holiday Stress and Anxiety Prevention'

This newsletter helps us recognize our own symptoms of anxiety and provides some techniques to help diminish anxiety or alleviate stress.




November (2018) Issue:  'Men's Mental Health'

This newsletter examines perceived standards of masculinity and stigma associated with men seeking help for mental health concerns, along with some tips on how to support men’s mental health.




October (2018) Issue:  '306 Degrees of Mental Health'

This newsletter provides a broad view of the impacts of mental health challenges and how to lay a foundation for better mental health hygiene.




September (2018) Issue:  'Addiction and Recovery'

This newsletter looks at what an addiction is, what treatment options are available for various addiction severities, and how to support someone with an addiction.



August (2018) Issue:  'Student Mental Health'

Homewood HealthTM EFAP is pleased to release the August 2018 edition of our Life Lines newsletter, “Student Mental Health.” This newsletter looks at ways to support student mental health and resiliency.




July (2018) Issue:  'Concussion Discussion'

This newsletter looks at the common mental health challenges of those who experiance a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 




June (2018) Issue:  'Many Faces of PTSD'

This newsletter provides examples of symptoms an individual can experience when suffering from PTSD; the factors that help minimize symptoms, and a personal journey of someone who overcame this disorder.





May (2018) Issue:  'Supporting First Responders'

This newsletter looks at various symptoms first responders can experiance due to the daily life-threatening situations they face and ways to help cope with the trauma.




April (2018) Issue:  'LGBTQ + Mental Health'

This newsletter looks how the effects of intolerance and discrimination creates a higher risk for mental health disorders in the LGBTQ+ community and ways to help support members of the LGBTQ+ staff at work.





March (2018) Issue:  'Importance of Sleep'

This newsletter addressess how the right amount and quality of sleep improves attention, behaviour, memory, and overall mental and physical health, as well as ways to identify the signs that your now getting enough sleep, and how you can improve your own sleep schedule.





Febuary(2018) Issue:  'Learning about Eating Disorders'

This edition of Life Lines will explore potential causes of eating disorders, identify recognizable symptoms to be aware of, types of eating disorders, and what measures can be used to prevent an eating disorder from forming.




January (2018) Issue:  'Dealing with Seasonal Allergies'

In this edition of Life Lines, looks at what treatment and preventative methods can be taken to support one’s self or others when dealing with SAD symptoms. 





December (2017) Issue:  '10 Steps To Achieving Work-Life Balance'

This newletters looks at various methods one can adopt when trying to find the right balance between your work and private life.



November (2017) Issue:  'How Taking Care Of Your Finances Can Reduce Your Stress Level'

This edition of Life Lines looks at how experiencing difficulties with your mental health may contribute to finanical difficulties, and vise versa; along with ways you can deal with your own financial stress.