Wellness for McMaster Faculty and Staff

Workplace Wellness is integral to the personal and professional growth of McMaster faculty and staff. Vitality in personal wellness must be present before an individual can maximize their full potential in the workplace.  

Campus and community supports are available to help faculty and staff flourish in their personal and professional lives. These supports are available on a broad range of topics and can be accessed through the links provided.  



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Healthy Workplace Committee Initiatives

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Awards & Recognition

In productive and engaged workplaces, employees receive recognition every seven days. McMaster's formal recognition programs are a platform for showing appreciation for the great work employees are involved in. Some other ideas for less formal day-to-day recognition are also highlighted below:

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring. The ability to acknowledge and share feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy and happiness in a productive manner contributes to our Emotional Wellness.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is having a clear understanding of ones financial situation and having the ability to live within their financial means.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness is engaging the individual in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge and skills and help them discover the potential for sharing their gifts with others.  Exploring your intellectual wellness can include exploring problem solving capabilities, pursuing personal interests (such as reading books and keeping abreast of current issues and ideas) and feeding your creativity.

Continue to engage and improve your intellectual wellness through some of these activities:

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. The ability to recognize that our behaviours have a significant impact on our wellness and adopting healthful habits (routine check ups, a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) while avoiding destructive habits (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) will lead to optimal Physical Wellness.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world. Our ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers contributes to our Social Wellness.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is the ability to establish peace and harmony with oneself and others while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world. Spiritual wellness together with a strong positive attitude can bring about positive changes in our lives and in all that surrounds us.



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