Register: EOHSS Accident Investigation

This session is built to provide supervisors and employees with the skills required to properly complete an accident investigation, the associated forms including the Incident/Injury Report Form and to guide individuals through the Work Reintegration process. The training will focus on three areas of importance:

Accident Investigation

Supervisors and employees play a key role in accident investigation. The primary focus of an accident investigation is to conduct an analysis of the incident/injury. The instructor will share tools and information to assist supervisors, employees and Joint Health and Safety Committee members in fulfilling their workplace obligations.

Incident/Injury Report Form – Where to Start and How to Finish

Our qualified instructor will walk you through the form from beginning to end. Emphasis is placed on creating a well documented account of the incident/injury and to identify an appropriate corrective measure.

Work Reintegration

A member of the Employee Health Services team will review the process including the supervisor’s and employee’s roles, responsibilities, and obligations that support a safe reintegration into the workplace.


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