Field Trips, Student Placements and Research Activity

Planning on traveling outside of Canada on McMaster business? Please review the RMM 801: Field Trips & Electives Planning & Approval Program, RMM 801 Guidelines.

If you have an accommodation need for a planned meeting, please e-mail or call x24352 to make appropriate arrangements.

RMM 801: Planning and Approval Program

As of October 2016, our Field Trips, Student Placements and Research Activity Planning and Approval Program has undergone significant changes. Please be sure to read the RMM carefully, noting changes to risk identification and submission process. 

Completing Your RMM

The Approval Form is found at the end of RMM. Please be sure to:

  • Carefully assess the type of activity you will be engaging in and the level of risk associated.
  • Complete a risk assessment as indicated in the RMM. Don't know where to start? Please see our RMM 801 Guidelines for a list of things you may need to consider.
  • Complete the correct checklist that corresponds to your activity.
  • Complete a Participant Waiver found on the Office of Legal Services website.
  • Complete the Health Status Form found in RMM 801.

Submitting Your RMM

  • Supervisor is to review, sign, and submit to department chair
  • Department Chair is to review and give approval
  • For significant/extreme risk activities ONLY: The RMM is to be forwarded to EOHSS at OR sent/dropped off in GH RM304.
  • The form MUST be submitted BEFORE the date of the trip. Please reference the RMM for specific submission deadlines.

*** Please provide the email address you wish us to send the approved copy to. The approved copy should be kept on file by your department over the course of the trip.



When Do I Need to Complete an RMM 801?

If any or all of the following apply, YOU MUST complete RMM 801.


  • Participating in/organizing a McMaster sanctioned field trip
  • Participating in a paid student placement
  • Participating in an unpaid student placement outside of Canada. Please also see MAESD guide and information for unpaid student placements here.
  • Engaging in off-campus McMaster research activity conducted by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate/undergraduate students, staff and authorized volunteers
  • Facilitating any off-campus activites that are part of McMaster's academic (for credit) courses or programs