Workplace Injury/Illness FAQ's

What is the WSIB?

WSIB stands for Workers Safety and Insurance Board. The WSIB oversees Ontario’s workplace safety education and training system, provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of healthcare, and assists in early and safe return to work. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) provides provincial laws that outline the financial protection, healthcare benefits and rehabilitation services available to workers that have encountered injury, disease or death in the course of employment.

When am I eligible for benefits through the WSIB?

Anytime you sustain an injury that is work related or you develop an occupational disease throughout the course of your employment, you become eligible for coverage for your healthcare costs and your loss of earnings that are a result of your workplace accident. McMaster University has a formal accommodation policy to assist employees and we recognize that accommodation may be required to assist an employee in the return to work process.


Who is covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act at McMaster University?

All workers are covered by the act. A “worker” includes a person who has entered into or is employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship, written or oral, express or implied, manual labour or otherwise and receives a T4 income form (not a T4A).


What are my responsibilities when I have a workplace accident?

  • Promptly receive first aid.
  • Notify your supervisor of the injury.
  • Choose a doctor or other qualified practitioner with the understanding that you cannot change doctors without the permission of the WSIB.
  • Complete and promptly return all forms to the WSIB.
  • In the case of a lost time injury, keep your supervisor updated on your medical condition, restrictions and limitations on a regular basis.
  • Cooperate in your healthcare treatment and safe return to work.


What are my supervisor’s responsibilities when I have a workplace accident?

  • Ensure that you promptly receive first aid.Provide transportation to a medical facility or home if necessary.Investigate the accident to determine causes and make necessary changes to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Send a completed Injury/Incident report to Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services or the Faculty of Health Sciences Safety Office and distribute copies as outlined on the form.
  • Attempt to accommodate any medical restrictions to help a gradual return to the pre-injury job.
  • In the event of lost time, inform Employee Health Services promptly of time lost, return to work initiatives and any change in the employee’s status. EHS Contact Page