Unpaid Student Work Placement

What is MTCU?  

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), formally known as MAESD-WSIB Insurance Program is Ontario’s publicly funded Colleges and universities (Training Agencies) for students participating in unpaid work placements. MTCU manages students unpaid work placements in accordance with WSIB policy and procedures as well as with MTCU guidelines. 

Training Agencies implement the new Postsecondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Workplace Insurance Claim From, which replaces the Work Education Placement Agreement Form.  

e: this is the only significant change to the program.

The ministry can only outline the eligibility criteria but cannot give a “Yes” or “No” answer as to whether or not student placements are covered for insurance coverage


Do I qualify for MTCU coverage?  

All unpaid student placements in funding-eligible ministry-approved programs are eligible for MTCU's coverage.

Note:  The Work Education Placement Agreement (WEPA) form for postsecondary students is not longer being used.   



Participating in a PAID placement? Please see
Department Field Trips, Student Placements and Research Activities Involving Travel


How do I apply?                                                      

With the process there is a:

  • Student declaration letter that is required and this is to let the unpaid placement know, via sign-off,  they have coverage via WSIB or Chubb Insurance (formally ACE) and to report incidents accordingly
  • The other letter is simply informing the placement employer that WSIB coverage (or Chubb insurance) is provided,  via the MTCU,  and therefore their respective WSIB standings (i.e premiums) will not be effected.  (this can be done within the agreement with your placement agency location) (Letter to Placement Employers)
  • Pre-placement evaluation for health and safety purposes
  • Pre-Placement Safety Orientation Checklist 
  • For information on travel safety and emergency medical coverage while abroad, please see EOHSS Travel Safety Guide.



Guidelines, Questions and Answers about the program can be found on the MTCU public website at:

Please also refer to RMM 801 Field Trips and Electives Planning & Approval Program to complete the RMM 801 form for MTCU placements outside of Canada.

College/University’s Responsibilities                         

The Training Agency (college/university) is responsible for arranging students unpaid work placement(s) and providing students and employers with the relevant information and documentation to prior to the commencement of an unpaid work placement.

The Training Agency is responsible to

  • Communicate (all letters/declarations) the roles and responsibilities of the student(s), the employer(s) and the institution(s).
  • Complete the Postsecondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Workplace Insurance Claim From and submit it to WISB and MTCU in the event of an injury/disease.
  • Submit source documentation  to the Ministry for WSIB payment/reimbursement  via fax or e-mail:
    • MTCU Claim Form
    • WSIB Form 7
    • Letter of authorization to represent the employer