At the request of the McMaster University Retiree Association and as approved by the Pension Trust Committee, an Annual Report to Members will be made available each year. The report will include key documents pertaining to both the administration and investment aspects of the pension plans.

McMaster University currently has two Salaried Pension Plans referred to throughout this report as the "Original Plan" and "Plan 2000". These two Plans originated as a result of the surplus distribution and are similar in plan design.  As a result, both Plans are included in this consolidated Annual Report to Members.

McMaster Human Resources Services in conjunction with Financial Affairs is committed to continually improving upon the information provided within this report. We encourage you to forward any suggestions or comments to Human Resources Services.

Please note, the documents contained in this Annual Report have been consolidated for ease of reference.  Should a discrepancy occur between the original documents and the versions contained in this report, the originals will govern in the case of error.