Job Descriptions for Temporary/Casual/Interim Employees

On November 22, 2017, the Ontario Government passed Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, which incorporates a number of changes to the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act. Amongst these changes is a provision that effective April 1, 2018, employees are entitled to equal pay for equal work, regardless of employment status. When employees perform substantially the same kind of work, in the same place of employment, and the work requires substantially the same skill, effort and responsibility, and is performed under similar working conditions, they are entitled to receive equal pay. For situations where a same or substantially similar job doesn’t exist within other employment groups at McMaster, temporary, casual and interim employees will need to be compensated according to the new compensation program for temporary employees which features a new pay grid and availability of generic job descriptions. 

See below for processes to guide you in the introduction of the equal pay for equal work provision and information about the new level and pay structure and generic job descriptions for temporary jobs. For additional information regarding Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, refer to the Manager’s Toolkit. Here you will find additional communications and FAQs relating to equal pay for equal work.

Process Guides

Job Levels and Pay Grid for Temporary/ Casual/ Interim Positions

To support department hiring needs, a number of generic job descriptions are available. Where possible, we encourage you to use an existing generic job description. Note that the temporary job descriptions included below have been developed to reflect the scope of work and representative duties of the defined role and do not reflect every duty or task that an incumbent may perform.

Effective Date: April 1, 2018. 


Routine-Level 1*                                                                                 Minimum: $14.00          Maximum: $16.80

Job Title Job Code Job Description Job Posting
Animal Husbandry Technician INT052 PDF Word
Clinical Maintenance Assistant INT053 PDF Word
Course Development Assistant INT042 PDF Word
Customer Service Support Assistant INT004 PDF Word
Customer Service Support Assistant IB  INT019 PDF Word
Data Entry/File Clerk INT002 PDF Word
Data Entry/File Clerk IB INT086 PDF Word
Field Research Asssistant INT156 PDF Word
Invigilator INT038 PDF Word
Lab Assistant I INT008 PDF Word
Lab Monitor   INT010 PDF Word
Lab Set-up Technician  INT011 PDF Word
Lab Set-up Technician 1B  INT064 PDF Word
Library Assistant (Student) INT018
Office Assistant INT001 PDF Word
Program Support Assistant  INT022 PDF Word
Program Support Asssistant IB INT117 PDF Word
Research Assistant I INT014 PDF Word
Retail Assistant
INT007 PDF Word
Standardized Patient INT013 PDF Word
Tour Guide  INT047
PDF Word
Wash Area Attendant INT051 PDF Word




Intermediate-Level 2                                                                         Minimum: $15.46             Maximum: $20.09

Job Title Job Code Job Description Job Posting
Admissions Assistant INT118 PDF Word
Communications Assistant INT003 PDF Word
Communications Assistant IB  INT025 PDF Word
Educational Outreach Facilitator     INT021 PDF Word
Educational Research Assistant INT076 PDF Word
Field Research Assistant  INT062 PDF Word
Field Research Assistant IIB INT152 PDF Word
Financial Assistant INT005 PDF Word
Head Tour Guide INT048 PDF Word
IT/Technical Assistant INT006 PDF Word
Lab Assistant II
PDF Word
Lab Development Assistant INT020 PDF Word
Lab Supervisor  INT078 PDF Word
Office Assistant II INT023 PDF Word
Office Assistant IIB INT068 PDF Word
Peer Tutor  INT012 PDF Word
Project Support Assistant INT133 PDF Word
Recruitment Assistant INT113 PDF Word
Research Assistant II INT015
PDF Word


Advanced-Level 3                                                                               Minimum: $18.08            Maximum: $25.32

Performs duties that are complex and of larger scope and require some theoretical and operational knowledge of the field. Utilizes advanced-level skills and knowledge to complete a variety of assignments. Regularly exercises discretion within delegated authority. Requires knowledge of the University’s policies and procedures to enable the incumbent to work independently under general direction. Conducts research into defined problems, analyzes findings and develops recommendations. Receives assignments in objective oriented terms. May administer special programs or services and has responsibility to maintain the program, manage resources and facilities and oversee provision of customer service. Work is reviewed in terms of meeting organizational objectives and schedules. May supervise others.

Job Title Job Code Job Description Job Posting
Assistant Prosector  INT016 PDF Word
Data Analyst   INT017 PDF Word
Liaison Assistant INT050 PDF Word
Marketing and Events Associate    INT111 PDF Word
Research Assistant III INT143 PDF Word
Student Ambassador  INT071 PDF Word
Web Assistant INT024 PDF Word

Specialist-Level 4                                                                              Minimum: $22.28            Maximum: $33.42

Positions may be narrow in scope and require an in-depth, or specialized body of knowledge related to a functional area or may be broader in scope requiring the ability to provide program or large office administration. Makes recommendations and implements decisions on administrative and/or operational issues affecting important department functions. Selects and uses appropriate procedures, equipment and standards to conduct experiments and analyses that are complex. Decisions and recommendations made directly affect policies and procedures of major departmental programs or systems. Works independently under general direction and within broad procedural guidelines. May supervise others and accomplish results through others. Establishes organizational procedures for a significant operating function

Job Title Job Code Job Description Job Posting
Course Developer INT097 PDF Word
Engineering Technician INT150 PDF Word
Outreach Director INT149 PDF Word
Research Assistant IV INT093 PDF Word
Research Assistant IV B   INT121 PDF Word



Professional-Level 5                                                                          Minimum: $28.74            Maximum: $45.98

Job Title Job Code Job Description Job Posting
Clinical Research Nurse  INT057 PDF Word
Educational Instructor INT074 PDF Word
Registered Nurse (Clinical) Coming soon
Research Engineer INT040 PDF Word
Scientific Writer INT041 PDF Word


Job Description Template for Temporary/Casual/Interim Workers

*Level 1 Minimum will be increased in accordance with future Ontario minimum wage changes.