McMaster Staff Hiring Guidelines


About these Guidelines

The Staff Hiring Guidelines provides guidance and consolidates resources to assist in conducting fair and equitable searches for staff at McMaster University. It presents ideas for how to help your department or faculty lay the foundation for attracting and successfully recruiting diverse candidates.

This document includes the following six sections. Download the full guide and checklist, or use the links below to access each section of the guidelines on a separate webpage.

  • Hiring at McMaster - provides an overview of recruitment and selection at McMaster University and details roles and responsibilities.
  • Recruitment Process - guidance of how to start the recruitment process.
  • Recruiting for Diversity – provides guidance on diversity, equity and inclusion at McMaster University, and information on misconceptions and unconscious assumptions/implicit bias.
  • Legal Content - guidance on various employment laws, accommodation and accessibility standards.
  • More Information – links to contacts and webpages of available support and resources.
  • Checklist with Key Forms & Resources - outlines the general steps of the recruitment and selection process and best practices recommended to ensure that searches are equitable and inclusive. This page includes links to various resources like interviewing guides and numerous tip sheets.

The above pages consolidate the necessary staff hiring tools into one central resource. The purpose is to provide a better understanding of the hiring process, outline best practices in selecting candidates, and provide the resources for additional assistance, which are outlined in the checklist.

The Human Resources Services team at McMaster partners with departments and teams across the university to recruit and hire diverse and talented staff. These guidelines have been developed in collaboration with various university partners with the intention that these practices will be incorporated into all standard staff hiring at McMaster.

This guide provides general assistance to hiring managers and those involved in recruitment and selection processes at McMaster. This process is highly decentralized and these guidelines are not intended to address all possible scenarios or roles and responsibilities related to recruitment, interviewing, selection and hiring, nor to replace any specific requirements that are part of existing collective agreements or any existing department policies. Members of the Human Resources Services team and the Faculty of Health Sciences Human Resources office are available to provide guidance and support throughout this important process. NOTE: Nothing in this document is meant to supersede any collective agreement. Where a contradiction arises between this document and any collective agreement or policy, the collective agreement or policy will govern.

These guidelines were written as a fluid document, and feedback is welcomed on what works, what doesn’t, and what should be added. Please share all comments and suggestions with the Human Resources Organizational Development team at .

McMaster University strives to embody the values of respect, collaboration and diversity, and has a strong commitment to employment equity. The diversity of our workforce is at the core of our innovation and creativity and strengthens our research and teaching excellence. We strive to hire individuals who share our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Message from the AVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Wanda McKenna

Our innovative and inclusive McMaster community showcases the diverse talents of our more than 10,900 staff members in 10 employee groups. Our Human Resources Services team is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that attracts, develops, retains and inspires an exceptional group of employees. McMaster University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world.1 Our past and current employees enabled us to achieve this prestigious status, and we look to our future employees to help us retain and advance our vision and to contribute to a brighter world.

To promote an engaged, diverse, healthy and versatile workforce now and in future, Human Resources Services will continue to align our efforts with University priorities, collaborate with our community partners to help them achieve their goals, deliver excellence in service and solutions, empower learning, and champion opportunities for individuals to grow their careers at McMaster.

1. Source: Academic Rankings of World Universities


McMaster’s Staff Hiring Guidelines have been informed by the Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) Recruitment Best Practices, as well as the shared practices on equitable staff hiring at several institutions across North America. We also appreciate the insights and contributions by our internal McMaster Human Resources and University partners, as we leverage their current best practices. In particular, we appreciate and recognize the initiative taken by the Office of the Provost to develop a guide for Faculty hiring and share it with Human Resources Services.