Are you ErgoSmart?

Take a quick quiz to see if you have ErgoSmarts. All questions are in true or false format, please keep track of your answers to see how you do.

  1. I know how to adjust my chair to fit me.
  2. Resting my wrists while I'm typing is a good thing.
  3. Planting my feet firmly on the ground or on a foot rest is part of maintaining a healthy posture.
  4. It's okay to reach for my mouse with my elbow extended away from my body.
  5. When reading text on my monitor the top row of the screen is at or below my eye level.
  6. My forearms, wrists and hands are straight and parallel to the floor (not flexed up or down) when I'm typing.
  7. Having the edge of my chair is tucked snugly into the back, soft portion of my knees is a good indication that my chair fits me.
  8. Lighting (including glare, task specific, reflection and VDT sources) is part of my ergonomic safety while working.