Chair Comfort

What elements of a workplace are important for comfort of the seated employee?

    1.  Tasks

    2.  Work station

    3.  Chair


How do I select the proper chair?

The ‘ergonomic’ chairs now available are designed for a range of people, but not always for one person in particular.    Nor are they designed for any specific tasks or arrangement of the work station. Therefore, purchasing a chair because it is labeled ‘ergonomic’ can be a mistake. The chair becomes ergonomic only when selected to suit the employee’s or a group of employees’ body dimensions, particular workstation and tasks.

A trial period is essential to the process of selecting a chair.   Employees should try out the chair in the real work situation and ensure it meets the needs of the job before the final selection is made.

Another important aspect of job design is feedback from employees. No matter how good the workplace and the job designs, there is always need for individual tailoring.  Consultation with employees can secure their active participation and personalize their work.


Who should pick out the chair?

Personal preference is essential to the processing of selecting a chair.  After some suitable chairs have been identified, allow the person to try out the chair in a real work situation.  It is especially useful to obtain several sample chairs for a trial comparison by those who will be using them.

Make sure that the chair meets the needs of the workers and their job before any final selection is made.


Ergonomic Chair Features:

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For additional information refer to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety