Hydrogen Fluoride

HF Information

Hydrofluoric Acid and other fluoride containing compounds can cause severe burns and potentially life-threatening health effects.  The fluoride ion penetrates skin deep causing tissue destruction and possible acute fluoride toxicity.

There is no safe level of HF exposure.

Because of this an HF training course is offered by EOHSS to help familiarize yourself with the routes of exposure, first aid measures and well the discussing the need to prevent exposure and injury. The emergency protocol will be discussed. The  HF emergency kit which is only administered by EFRT needs to be available in all labs on campus
using HF.  These kits can be purchased through EOHSS, with order forms available at the training sessions.  

Work with HF?  It is mandatory that you attend the HF training course.  Check out the schedule and register here.

If you have any questions please contact the EOHSS department directly at or at 905-525-9140 ext 24352.

McMaster University recognizes the hazards associated with handling Hydrogen Fluoride.  Download the HF Red Alert Page here.

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HF Emergency Kits Now Available!

Working with HF?  You need to order an HF Emergency Kit.  These kits are made available through the EOHSS office.  Download the HF Emergency Kit Request form.