Employee Engagement

Engaged employees take pride in and gain personal satisfaction from their work. They look for opportunities to be productive, innovative, and to exceed expectations. Employee Engagement can be positively influenced by leadership behaviour; organizational processes; work team practices; and a supportive organizational culture.

Engagement surveys provide the opportunity to understand and identify employee concerns and interest through an anonymous feedback format. This enables employees to provide their insights to improve job satisfaction and the development of a healthy and “engaged” work environment.Employee engagement surveys are currently completed in several departments across McMaster.

Update: Our next Employee Engagement Survey for the Admin Division is scheduled to take place in Winter 2018!





2016 Survey Resources for the Administration Division

Roger Couldrey, VP Administration, and the senior leaders within the Administration Division have actively supported employee engagement for several years. Departments participating from the Administration Division include the following:

Audit & Risk, Campus Store, Hospitality Services, Facility Services, Financial Affairs, Housing & Conference Services, Human Resources, Media Production Services, Parking & Security and University Technology Services

About Our New Survey Provider

The upcoming survey is being conducted by Metrics@Work. Metrics@Work is a leading provider of organizational measurement and consulting.  With core expertise in employee engagement, action planning and organizational change, and leadership development, they help build and maintain productive, engaged workforces.  Some of the major sectors served include: education, healthcare, municipalities, towns, cities and utilities. 

Melanie Garaffa: Senior Manager, Organizational Development, garaffa@mcmaster.ca or x28660

Christine Costa: Organizational Development and Design Consultant, costac5@mcmaster.ca or x21535

Deb Garland: Program Manager, Engagement & Wellness, dgarland@mcmaster.ca or x24556


Interested in being an Ambassador for your team?  Please contact Melanie Garaffa, Sr. Manager, Organizational Development at  or x28660.  

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