Employee Engagement

Engagement surveys provide the opportunity to understand and identify employee concerns and interest through an anonymous feedback format. This enables employees to provide their insights to improve job satisfaction and the development of a healthy and “engaged” work environment. Employee engagement surveys are currently completed in several departments across McMaster.

Survey Resources

About our Survey Provider

The engagement surveys are conducted by Metrics@work. Metrics@work is a leading provider of organizational measurement and consulting. With core expertise in employee engagement, action, planning and organizational change, and leadership development, they help build and maintain productive, engaged workforces. Some of the major sectors served include: education, health



Please contact us if you are interested in completing an engagement survey within your department or team, participating in one of our upcoming survey processes or would like more information on how to create an engaged and inclusive workplace:

Melanie Garaffa:

Senior Manager, Organizational Development,


Christine Costa

Organizational Development and Design Consultant,

ext. 21535

Deb Garland:

Program Manager, Engagement & Wellness,