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What the Heck's a Hack!?

So you may be wondering, What the Heck's a Hack!? A hack is something intended to make your life better and easier. Therefore, MACHACKS are tips, tricks, and even discounts to make your experience of working at McMaster an enjoyable one. McMaster is an incredible place to work, and connectME hopes to help you enjoy this campus as much as we do. Check back for hacks every month!             

                      Union Market 

Union Market offers marketing on coffee cup sleeves for events, programs, etc. FREE of charge!
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            Athletics and Recreation 

The Feather Family Climbing Wall is located in the Pulse Fitness Centre. Membership to the climbing wall is included in a Pulse Fitness Membership. 

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                  Millers Grove 

Located behind alumni field, this classroom will serve as a memorial to Les Miller, McMaster's manager of operations and facilities fromn 1988 to 2007. This space can hold up to 30 students. 

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         Employee Discount Page 

McMaster University provides employees with time and money saving opportunities resulting in higher employee satisfaction.

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                  Corner Cafe 

Corner Cafe in the Health Sciences Centre offerrs a coffee card (7 coffees and the next one is free).

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                First Ontario Centre

First Ontario Centre offers a walk run program open to public until May 2017. 

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If you require this information in an alternate/accessible format, please contact the Program Coordinator at ext. 24460.